Daily Investment Interpretations

March 7, 2011

2012-3-7: (Wednesday Night): The markets indices rose today on worrisome developments in Greece and China: Wall Street bounces back; "Stocks Rebound Ahead of Greece Verdict, Talk of Fed Easing. The NASDAQ Composite reflated 25.37 (0.87%) to 2,935.69. The Dow plunged 203.66 points (-1.57% to 12,759.15; the S&P 500 added 9.27 points (0.69%) to settle at 1,352.63. Oil expanded to 106.21: Oil up on supply data, Fed bond move hopes; gold rose a bit  to 1686: Gold ends losing streak, settles 0.7% higher. The VIX slid 1.8 to 19.07.
    The markets rose today on reports that the Fed will launch a new round of bond-buying (QE3): QE3 back in play

    Marketwatch says: 
    Plunge-protection team hedging on Greece  "Central-bank observers could be forgiven for thinking talk of more free money looked funny a day ahead of Greek debt swap, writes David Callaway"
    QE3? Wait for payrolls to see
    The catalyst for a housing rebound  
    Hooked on free money  
    After 3 years, we’re all hooked on free money 
    Punish bankers? We’re still rewarding them  


    State of the Markets articles include:   
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    Fed Weighing Additional New Easing Strategies
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    Economic Update- Worker Productivity and Labor Costs  
    ADP: Private Sector Job Gains Continue
    Market futures are higher tonight.