Daily Investment Interpretations

March 2, 2011

2012-3-2: (Friday Night): The markets indices fell by varying amounts today: Street slips as energy falls; Dow snaps three week streak. The NASDAQ Composite deflated 12.78 (-0.43%) to 2,976.19. The Dow eased 2.73 points (-0.02% to 12,977.57; the S&P 500 lost 4.46 points (-0.32%) to settle at 1,369.63. Oil slipped to 106.50: Oil declines after previous sessionís rally; gold retreated to 1712: Gold, silver suffer daily, weekly losses. The VIX rose slightly 0.03 to 17.29.
    The latest bugbear is the rice of gasoline.. 

    Marketwatch says: 
    Market indicators are still bullish
    Long, hot spring on the way for gas prices  
    Buy the market, not the rally.  
    Resistance spreads to EU austerity demands.
    Why retail gasoline is nearing a record

    Cyclicals investors start to get picky.
    Moody's cuts Greece to lowest rating  
    Michael Gayed writes: We're all wrong about oil.  
    Michael Ashbaugh writes: S&P 500 scratches out three-year high.  
    Mark Hulbert asks Whatís the big deal about Nasdaq 3,000?.  

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Video Update: Weekly Market Wrap-Up
    Housing Market Flashing Signs of Improvement 
    Global PMI's Suggest Economic Expansion is Broad-Based      
    Eurozone Officials To Delay Approval of Greek Bailout  
    For the past four weeks,
between February 3rd and March 2nd, the S&P 500 has risen linearly about 5 points a week. Prior to that, from December 21st to February 3rd, the S&P 500 rose linearly about 95 points, or about 15 points a week... 3 times faster.
    What also seems noteworthy to me is how steady it's been.