Daily Investment Interpretations

March 20, 2012

2012-3-20: (Tuesday Night): The market indices backed up somewhat  today, reminding us that markets don't go straight up: Shares snap win streak; Bulls Claim Moral Victory In Face of Decline. The NASDAQ Composite sidled down 4.47 (-0.14%) to end at 3,074.15. The Dow went down 68.94 points (-0.52% to 13,170/19; the S&P 500 retreated 4.23 points (-0.3%) to settle at 1,405.52. Oil jumped to 107.16:Oil ends at a two-week high on dollar, optimism; gold ended at 1657: Gold ends higher as bargain hunting ensues. The VIX rose 0.54 to 15.58.
    The market indices 

    Marketwatch says: 
    Kellner: Donít be fooled by money illusion
    Fund managers more bullish on global grow  
    Mark Hulbert says: Inflation beating deflation 
    Michael Ashbaugh writes: Charting the break to less-charted territory 
    Industrial output flat   
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Can the Bears Capitalize?
    What Has Been Driving The Buying?  "The key issue that investors need to understand right now revolves around the question of what has been driving the relentless buying seen since the end of December. In my humble opinion, there are ... Read More Ľ"
    Stocks Are Extended: Here's A Very (Very) Simple Hedging Strategy Using the VIX  "With the stock market in the midst of an impressive run and most indicators suggesting that the indices have become overbought, I have been looking for a way to hedge long positions. But instead of buying inverse ETFs or put options, Iíve been toying with the idea of allocating a portion of my aggressive trading funds to "volatility" trades by employing a simple, yet effective strategy involving the Volatility Index or VIX. Based upon the history of the VIX since 1990 (22 years) a very simple strategy which entails buying ... Read More Ľ"
    China Hikes Fuel Prices Causing Worry Over Growth, Inflation  "Chinese officials hiked the retail cost of gasoline and diesel fuel on Tuesday. The increase was the most in 33 months and the second such rise in the past two months. The move was due to... ... Read More Ľ"
    Economic Update: Housing Starts and Building Permits
    NAHB Hombuilder Confidence Index Holds Steady at Four-Year Highs
    Market futures are flat tonight.