Daily Investment Interpretations

March 15, 2012

2012-3-15: (Thursday Night): The markets indices moved up again today, carrying the S&P 500 above the 1,400 level: U.S. stock rise pushes S&P 500 above 1,400; Stocks Higher on Data; S&P 500 Breaks 1400. The NASDAQ Composite lofted 15.85 (0.03%) to end at 3,056.37. The Dow gained 16.42 points (0.12% to 13,194.10; the S&P 500 advanced 8.32 points (0.6%) to settle at 1,402.60. Oil contracted again to 105.36: Oil recoups some losses; gold sagged further to 1657: Gold futures rebound on bargain hunting, dollar. The VIX rose 0.11 to 15.42.
    The bulls charged ahead today. " Major indices started the day higher following upbeat comments from the FOMC on the U.S. economy, the results of the annual stress test on banks, and a successful ... Read More »"
    "Stocks finished decidedly higher on Thursday as major indices continue to make new yearly highs. Stocks opened higher following numerous positive economic data reports from the U.S., and falling ... Read More »"
    Marketwatch says: 
    How easy Fed money will manipulate stocks higher
    Why this market is headed higher
    India budget could be key for market 
    Ides of March good for stocks, bad for dollar  
    A swing strategy to profit in all markets   
    Broken bull bouncing back.  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Bears Still Giving The Old College Try
    34 Facts About U.S. Debt (And Yes, You Should Care) "The following article was written by the folks at TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com. We are republishing the article not in an attempt to take sides in any political debate (at StateoftheMarkets.com we focus on the stock market and try our level best to avoid discussions of politics unless they impact stock prices) , but rather to bring to light some of the facts about debt levels in this country. At this point in time, the debt level in the U.S., which is becoming frighteningly large, is not a concern to Wall Street. However, the subject of what to do about our national debt will likely become a hot topic on “the Street” at some point in the coming year or so. Thus, we thought you might enjoy this ... Read More »
    Philly Fed Index Suggests Continued Expansion  "The Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Index is desinged to measure changes in business growth in the Fed district. This month's survey suggests that respondents expect the current expansion to ... Read More »
    The Great (VIX) Debate "One of the great debates going on at the present time has to do with the level of the VIX. The bears tell us that the current reading suggests a major decline is coming. However, if you look at ... Read More »"
    Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Continues to Improve  
    PPI Below Expectations in February 
    Empire Manufacturing Index Rises For Sixth Straight Month  
    Weekly Jobless Claims Continue To Improve  
    Foreclosures Down 8% From Year Ago Levels  
    Yields Continue To Fall at Spanish Bond Auction  
    Market futures are slightly lower tonight.