Daily Investment Interpretations

March 12, 2011

2012-3-12: (Monday Night): The markets indices ended the day essentially where they started: Dow extends winning run; Stocks Stall In Front of Fed Meeting. The NASDAQ Composite slipped 4.68 (-0.16%) to 2,983.66. The Dow gained 37.69 points (0.29% to 12,959.71; the S&P 500 crept up  0.22 points (0.02%) to settle at 1,371.09. Oil contracted to 106.47: Oil falls on large China trade deficit; gold slipped to 1700: Gold slips after three-session advance. The VIX dropped another 1.47 to 15.64.
    There wasn't much news today, but it seems to me that Marketwatch is suddenly "accentuating the negative, diminuating the positive". The titles of their articles have today turned ominous.
    Marketwatch says: 
    Fallout might spell U.S. recession
    Jon Markman warns that Risks rise with stocks
    Peter Brimelow asks: Is stock-picking back? 
    Warren Buffett vs. the profiteers of doom  
    Michael Ashbaugh writes S&P whipsaws from the 2011 peak.  
    And in the one upbeat article of the day, Michael Gayed asks: Is a 40% move in 2012 possible?.  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Resistance Give Bears an Opening
    With Economy Improving, What's Next For Fed?  "With the Fed meeting this week and Ben Bernanke still talking about providing additional assistance for the economy, the question on traders’ minds is what might we expect next from the Fed? Although the economy appears to be moving forward at a slow pace, there is little question that GDP is growing at the present time. As such, many analysts wonder how aggressive the Fed really needs to be in terms of continuing to stimulate the economy. For example, in a poll published Friday, Reuters reports that the improvement in the jobs market is causing ... Read More »"
    Employment Trends Index Suggests Rapid Job Growth  "The Conference Board's Employment Trends Index suggests that "rapid job growth is likely to continue in the next several months." This is the latest sign that the jobs market is starting to improve... ... Read More"    
    EU Finance Ministers to Suspend Aid to Hungary  
    The Weight Of The Evidence Says...  
    Greece Update: IMF Cuts Back on Committment to Bailout  
    Fed To Release Bank Stress Tests Thursday 
    China's Trade Deficit Worst in a Decade 

    Market futures are a bit higher tonight.