Daily Investment Interpretations

February 9, 2011

2012-2-9: (Thursday Night): The markets ended slightly higher again today: Greek hopes stoke market; Stocks: Investors take Greek deal in stride. The NASDAQ Composite tiptoed 11.37 (0.39%) to 2,927.23. The Dow added 6.51 points (0.05% to 12,890.46; the S&P 500 gained 1.99 points (0.15%) to settle at 1,351.95. Oil inched up to 98.92: Oil up for third session on demand hopes; gold slipped to 1732: Gold ends lower after recent run-up. The VIX rose 0.47 points to 18.63.
    Today was an example of "Buy the rumor; sell the news." Now that
Greece's Leaders Agree on Austerity Terms of Bailout Deal, Weekly Jobless Claims Continue To Improve; Down 15K, and Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Showing Improvement, you'd expect the markets to soar. Instead, their response has been tepid to say the most: Same Song, Different Day; Stocks Eke Out Another Small Gain, and the VIX rose again today. What's going on? 
    And the answer is: I don't know other than Mark Hulbert's warning that The insiders are selling heavily.
    Marketwatch says: 
    Greek political leaders reach deal  
    Wall Street's kudos to talks  
    Bank of England adds another dose of QE  
    Monti says Greece key to cutting Italian yields  
    ECB mum on Greek bonds, eases collateral  
    U.S. re-enters nuclear age 
    Smartest guys in room: Buy now 
    Fledgling housing recovery has a long way to go
    Banks and states reach $26 billion settlement  
    30-year mortgage rate matches record low
    Inevitable pullback delayed 
    Emerging markets decoupling? Not  

    Bernanke 2014 pledge sparks global shift
    Heritage is wrong about welfare state  
    Money-fund reforms won’t stop next crisis  
    Francois Hollande will spark next euro crisis  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Can The Bears Get Into The Game Again?  
    Greece's Leaders Agree on Austerity Terms of Bailout Deal  
    Where's The Volume?
    Tired of Greece: Here's the Super Bowl Facts, Figures and Fall-Out             
    Market futures are somewhat negative tonight.