Daily Investment Interpretations

February 27, 2011

2012-2-28: (Tuesday Night): Once again, the markets ended the day mixed: Dow backs away from 13K; Bulls Recover From Early Losses on Housing Data; Stocks Finish Mixed. The NASDAQ Composite tiptoed up another 2.41 (0.08%) to 2,966.16. The Dow drifted down 1.44 points (-0.01% to 12,981.51; the S&P 500 eased up 1.85 points (0.14%) to settle at 1,365.74. Oil fell back to 107.73: Oil breaks seven-day winning streak; gold gave back a little to close at to 1768: Gold inches lower on profit-taking, dollar. The VIX rose 0.88 to 18.19.
    Oil at $130 by August
    Oil's within third wave up 
    Oil analyst: Oil prices won't hit record highs (audio)  
    State of the Markets outlook is neutral-to-mildly-positive on an intermediate-term basis..  

    Marketwatch says: 
    Job quality is in trouble  "Yes, people are landing jobs, but what they're finding often marks a step down from duties and responsibilities — and pay — they previously had."
    Michigan’s job market holds key for Obama
    David Marsh writes: 10 myths about the European quagmire

    Peter Brimelow asks: Is Dow 13,000 a barrier? 
S&P Downgrades Greece to Selective Default

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    G20 Insists Europe Boost EFSF Before Making Commitment of Funds 
    Are Those Glowing Jobs Numbers Real?  
    Pending Home Sales Rise to Nearly 2-Year High      
    Market futures are flat again tonight.