Daily Investment Interpretations

February 1, 2011

2012-2-1: (Wednesday Night): The markets leaped today: "U.S. stocks surge after economic reports from China and Europe top expectations, Greece signals progress on debt-swap talks, and latest U.S. economic indicators trigger a relatively upbeat response."; U.S. stocks rise on global manufacturing data, Stocks Advance On Data; Greece, Jobs Report Loom. The NASDAQ Composite rose 34.43 (1.22%) to 2,848.27. The Dow lost 83.55 points (0.66% to 12,716.46; the S&P 500 jumped 11.68 points (0.89%) to settle at 1,324.09. Oil fell to 97.633: Oil ends at lowest in six weeks on supply data; gold climbed to 1747: Gold closes higher on positive market sentiment. The VIX declin 0.89 points to 19.55.
    One key point: the markets have once again rebounded from the S&P  1305 level that would have marked a market reversal, However: And Now A Word From The Bear Camp: "The markets currently seem to be suffering from a bout of amnesia as players forget all problems and unpleasant economic data. This "no memory" market (which has been with us for some time now) once again appears to be focusing on only the good economic reports. Thus it ignores such items as: The surprising drop in German retail sales (-1.4% vs. est. +0.8% M/M). The record yield level touched yesterday by Portuguese 5-year notes. The data series high December Italian Unemployment Rate of 8.9%. The missed "deadline(s)" for the conclusion of Greek PSI negotiations. Etc. It also has almost no recollection of recent news items such as: Plunging housing data in China. Nearly 23% (almost ... Read More "
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    Market futures are up % tonight.