Daily Investment Interpretations

February 15, 2011

2012-2-15: Wednesday Night): The markets ended mixed today: U.S. stocks recover most losses by close; Late Word of Greek Commitment Lifts Stocks at Close. The NASDAQ Composite eased up 0.44 (0.02%) to 2,931.83. The Dow crept up 4.24 points (0.03% to 12,878.28; the S&P 500 added 1.27 points (-0.09%) to settle at 1,350.50. Oil ended at 100.44: Oil futures end slightly lower; gold moved slightly higher to close at to 1728. The VIX rose 0.5 points to 19.54.
    January retail sales didn't meet analysts' expectations, but still managed to increase. Greece' rospects improved during the day. 
    Marketwatch says: 
    Ashbaugh: S&P rattling cage of three-year high  
    Reaction to defense budget: Atlas shrugs?
    Greek euro exit must be on table  
    Geithner: Threat of European 'blowup' easing  
    S&P cuts ratings on 7 Portuguese financial firms 
    Darrell Delamaide asks: Would you rather be the U.S. or Greece?  He compares the devastating effects of what he calls Europe's misguided austerity program with the Keynesian policies that have rescued the U. S. from a similar fate, and asks: which would you rather have: a depression or prosperity?
    Paul Farrell writes Global suicide 2020: We can’t feed 10 billion  
    Irwin Kellner says: The budget is not enough. It's encouraging contraction rather than expansion. 
    Mark Hulbert writes about Succeeding in an ‘NBA’ market  
    NFIB small-business index inches up     
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Greek Conservative Party Leader to Commit to Deal  
    Greece Update: Bailout Meeting Delayed as Negotiations Heat Up  
    Business Inventories A Little Light in December       
    Everything Is Fine In Greece, Right?  
    It's Called Accumulation  
    Import and Export Prices Up In January  
    U.S. Retail Sales Below Expectations in January  
    Yields Continue To Fall at Italian Bond Auction  
    NFIB Small Business Optimism Nearly Flat in January  
    Eurozone Industrial Production Down in December  
    Market futures are up ˝ % tonight.