Daily Investment Interpretations

January 30, 2011

2012-1-30: (Monday Night): The markets dipped today on soaring bond yields in Portugal, Portugal yields soar, and then largely recovered as dip buyers moved in : Losses go from big to smallBears Rebuffed as Dip Buyers Remain Active . The NASDAQ Composite fell 4.61 (-0.16%) to 2,811.94. The Dow lost 6.74 points (-0.05% to 12,653.45; the S&P 500 gave up 3.32 points (-0.25%) to settle at 1,313.01. Oil inched down to 98.92: Oil falls as euro-zone woes spur demand concerns; gold climbed to 1732: Gold ends a buck lower on rising dollar. The VIX rose 0.87 points to 19.40.
    The markets have made another expected pullback on less-favorable news. Today's less-favorable news was that 4th-quarterGDP came in at 2.8% instead of the expected 3.1%, and Ford's results were disappointing;
Ford Profits Miss Expectations, Stock Takes a Dive.
    Marketwatch says: 
    U.S. banks tighten lending to European banks   
    Greece and 'firewalls' overshadow EU summit  
    Warning signs of a correction  
    Europe outlook: EU summit 
    U.S. outlook: earnings  
    Gold bull methodically takes profits 
    David Marsh writes that European countries revert to form.  
    Treasurys jump, 5-year yield hits a record low
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Yields, CDS Spike Higher in Portugal as Greek Debt Talks Drag On  
    Philly Fed's Plosser Says Rate Increase Could Come Sooner   
    Is There A Hole In The Thesis?  
    Personal Income Up +0.5% in December, Spending Unchanged  
    Eurozone Confidence Indices Improve Modestly in January  
    Yields Continue To Fall at Italian Bond Auction 
    Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes From The Week That Was   

    Market futures are up slightly tonight.