Daily Investment Interpretations

January 26, 2011

2012-1-26: (Thursday Night): The markets have sunk today on the "Weakest showing ever for new-homes sales saps the markets, even as economy's recovering.": U.S. stocks end lower after home sales drop; Stocks end in red on earnings, economic dataBears Finally Win One; U.S. GDP on Friday. The NASDAQ Composite gave up 13.03 (-0.46%) to 2,805.28. The Dow lost 22.33 points (-0.18% to 12,734.63; the S&P 500 gave back 7.62 points (-0.57%) to settle at 1,318.43. Oil inched up to 99.83: Oil prices heed the Fed, ignore Iran; gold catapulted to 1710: Gold rallies as Fed extends low-rate pledge. The VIX rose 0.26 points to 18.53.
    The markets have made an expected pullback on less-favorable news.

    Marketwatch says: 
    Nadir for new-home sales
    7-year Treasurys sold at record-low yield  
    Leading indicators say economy looking up  
    Jobless claims rise for the week 
    Japan's core consumer prices fall for third month    
    Sell Apple: Growth won't last, Kee says  
    Hold on, because Apple is going to $900
    Only 70 of the (Davos) attendees are billionaires (video)
    Gloomy outlook only getting worse in Davos(video)  
    U.K.'s Cameron to Europe: Time for 'boldness'
    Europe is not like rebuilding with Legos
    How to elude the Fed's attack on savers  
    Donít bet on gold  
    Expansionary austerity doesnít add up 
    Peter Brimelow notes that: Guard changes at nano-cap letter  
    Mark Hulbert writes: A leading indicator of a higher market?  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Pullback Wouldn't Surprise Anyone  
    Whether At Hedge Funds or American Funds, Investors Voted With Their Feet   
    Movement in Greek Debt Negotiations, IMF Calls For ECB to Buy Bonds, and Merkel's Speech in Davos  
    LEI Suggests U.S. Economy Should Improve in Early 2012  
    New Home Sales Pull Back in December  
    It's Really About Confidence 
    Durable Goods Report Above Expectations in December  
    Rates Fall at Italian Bond Auction  
    Market futures are neutral tonight.