Daily Investment Interpretations

January 24, 2011

2012-1-24: (Tuesday Night): Once again, the markets have closed mixed: Stocks take five, not sixBulls Fight Back; Stocks Mixed Ahead of Fed, Data. The NASDAQ Composite tacked on 2.47 (0.09%) to 2,786.64: Nasdaq ekes out a gain. The Dow slipped 33.07 points (-0.26% to 12,675.75; the S&P 500 fell back 1.32 points (-0.1%) to settle at 1,314.63. Oil inched down to 99.18: Oil falls under $99 a barrel; gold fell to 1665: Gold drops, taken down by the dollar. The VIX rose 0.24 points to 18.91.
    Today's key event was a lowering of the IMF's global forecast: Global growth outlook dims: IMF.

    Marketwatch says: "Ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, top business leaders say unresolved issues in Europe make them pessimistic.
    Europe could spiral out of control 
    Charles Sizemore advises that Japan's endgame approaches. "Japan's economy has bumbled along, but it is about to hit a wall that will create debt crisis to rival Europe, writes Charles Sizemore. (Trading Deck)
    Hulbert: Market's as undervalued as in 1990
    Kevin Marder tells us that Buyers board the stock train.
The news is bad tonight, which is bullish for the stock market.     
    Irwin Kellner warns us that the Fedís forecasting reputation [is] shaky
    Michael Ashbaugh notes that the January uptrend meets major resistance.  
    And Paul Farrell warns us anent Big Oilís civilization-ending pollution push
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Not Exactly What The Bears Had Planned  
    Still No Deal in Greece, Germany Denies Expansion of Bailout, Portugal is a Problem  
    Portugal's PM Says Country Will Not Seek Additional Bailout Funds  
    Was That a Costume Change?-  
    Eurozone Preliminary PMI's Show Improvement in January 
    Yields Continue To Pull Back at Spanish T-Bill Auction  
    Eurozone Industrial New Orders Decline  
    Market futures are up ľ % tonight.