Daily Investment Interpretations

January 23, 2011

2012-1-23: (Monday Night): The markets closed mixed again today (basically unchanged): Traders take some cash outMixed Euro News Stalls Rally Ahead of Eventful Week. The NASDAQ Composite subtracted 2.53 (-0.09%) to 2,784.17. The Dow slipped 11.86 points (-0.09% to 12,708.82; the S&P 500 added a scant 0.62 points (0.05%) to settle at 1,316.00. Oil slipped to 99.70: Crude up after Iran embargo; gold rose to 1677: Gold hits six-week high. The VIX dropped 0.39 points to 18.67.
    One key event today was that IMF's Lagarde warns of ‘1930s moment’. She's urging the European leadership to enlarge the value of the IMF bailout fund or face a repetition of the Great Depression.

    Marketwatch says:  
    GDP report coming The fourth quarter GDP report is expected to be stronger than has been previously forecast, although the first-quarter, 2012, GDP number may be somewhat lower than last year's fourth-quarter number.
    Behind the GOP attacks on the Fed  
    No Fed rate hike until July 2014? 
    Five moves from Mark Mobius  
David Marsh reiterates his forecast that Greece will be forced to exit the Euro: Germans stick to their plan for euro stability.      
    EU clears the way for clampdown on Iranian oil imports  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Bulls Welcome A Pullback  
    Germany Changes Tune on Increasing Size of Eurozone Bailout Funds  
    The State of the Debt Restructuring Deal in Greece  
    Germans stick to their plan for euro stability 
    Meanwhile, "Felix Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management in Zug, Switzerland, tells Michael Santoli at the 2012 Barron's Roundtable conference that Europe's recession will deepen this year as some countries likely leave the common currency."
    Market futures are down a bit tonight.