Daily Investment Interpretations

January 13, 2012

2012-1-13: (Friday Night): The markets corrected today: Stocks halve worst losses Stocks slump on eurozone downgrade fears. The NASDAQ Composite added 14.03 (-0.51%) to 2,710.67. The Dow declined 48.96 points (-0.39% to 12,422.06; the S&P 500 skidded 6.41 points (-0.49%) to settle at 1,289.09. Oil dropped to 99.03: Trouble spots fuel oil prices; gold fell $3 to 1,640Why gold may be losing its luster for investors in 2012. The VIX rose 0.44 points to 20.91.
    Marketwatch says:  
    Euro-zone ratings hit skids.  The only European country that still has a triple-A rating is Germany.
    S&P late, but not wrong, on moves
    What markets are missing in Europe  What Cody Willard believes they are missing is the fact that European investors are willing to pay a (very slight) negative interest rate on German bonds because they're more concerned about the return of their principal than they are about keeping up with inflation. Mr. Willard says (as of this morning) that the markets have yet to reflect this anxiety.
    The fall of France  
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    U.S. Trade Deficit Expands to $47.8 Billion in November 
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    Buffett Calls Republicans, McConnell Out; Will Match Excess Tax Contributions    
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    Italian Bond Auction Sees Rates Continue to Decline