Daily Investment Interpretations

January 12, 2012

2012-1-12: (Thursday Night): The markets rose modestly today: S&P streak of gains at four, Bulls, Bears Butt Heads Over Mixed News. The NASDAQ Composite added 13.94 (0.51%) to 2,724.70. The Dow eased up 21.57 points (0.17% to 12,471.02; the S&P 500 crept up 3.02 points (0.23%) to settle at 1,295,50. Oil dropped to 101.31: Oil knocked under $100; gold fell $2 to 1,643Gold near month high . The VIX fell 0.58 points to 20.47.
    Marketwatch says:  
    Peter Brimelow observes that Dividends defy fickle market.  
    Oil sharply pulls back as embargo talk eases
    U.S. manufacturers see slower growth in 2012  
    Kevin Marder notes that  Something's stirring in the market.  "Institutions haven't returned to the feeding trough in any great numbers, yet the beneath-the-surface tone has decidedly improved this week."
    State of the Markets articles include: 
    Technical Talk: Watching The Lines In The Sand   
    Yields Fall At Spanish and Italian Bond Auctions; Is 'Sarko Trade' Working?
    Inflation Measures Fall in China; PPI Below Consensus   
    Even Hungary Sees Rates Declining at Auction  
    ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged at Record Lows
    Retail Sales in U.S. Disappointing in December
    Weekly Jobless Claims Rise; Reverse Recent Trend 
    Inflation Measures Fall in China; PPI Below Consensus  
    What Do The Cycles Say?    
    Market futures are slightly positive tonight.