Daily Investment Interpretations

January 10, 2012

2012-1-10: (Tuesday Night): The markets gained more today: U.S. stocks lifted by Alcoa, Bulls Breakout But Momentum Lacking. The NASDAQ Composite added 25.94 (0.97%) to 2,702.50. The Dow rose 69.78 points (0.56% to 12,462.47; the S&P 500 went up 11.38 points (0.89%) to settle at 1,292.08. Oil rose $0.87 to 102.18: Oil futures gain, looking to China for cues; gold fell $20 to 1,632: Gold futures settle at best in four weeks . The VIX decreased 0.38 points to 20.69.
    Marketwatch says:  
    Winter resolution turns bullish
    Kevin Marder explains Big money biding time.  "This is the week when trading desks are back to full strength and should be a good test of the market's mettle."
    Fed hands Treasury $76.9B "The Federal Reserve’s 2011 transfer of earnings on its securities portfolio to the U.S. government — an offshoot of the central bank's quantitative-easing effort — comes in a little shy of 2010’s record pace."  
    Italy pivotal for the euro: Fitch 
    Mark Hulbert says that Cash is still king, but "A conservative stock-timing model that keys off the VIX may be about to switch signals. Mark Hulbert looks at the details."  
    Michael Ashbaugh tells us that U.S. markets extend the 2012 uptrend.  
    David Weidner has written another interesting article, 12 Wall Street voices to tune out in 2012, in which he identifies 11 market analysts who got it wrong last year. 
    Dr. Irwin Kellner states that Investors should root for the gold bugs.   

    State of the Markets articles include: 
    Technical Talk: Bulls Break Into Open Field   
    Europe Update: ECB Deposits Hit Record High, Highlights From Merkozy Meeting
    Don't Look Now But China's Stock Markets Are Rebounding   
    Chinese Import Growth Falls Sharply; Increasing Hopes for Monetary Easing  
    NFIB Small Business Index Up For Fourth Straight Month
    "He Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks"

    Market futures are down ¼% tonight.