Daily Investment Interpretations

September 9, 2011

2011-9-9: (Friday Night): The market indices plunged today Dow closes below 11,000, Stocks Crushed Over Greek Default Speculation. The NASDAQ Composite retreated 61.15 points (-2.42%) to close at 2,467.99. The Dow gave up 303.68 points (-2.69%) to close at 10,992.13; the S&P 500 declined 31.67 points (-2.67%) to settle at 1,154.23. Oil slipped to $87.01; gold eased to 1,861: Gold ends the day lower. The VIX rose 4.2`points to 38.52..  
    Today's action revolved around worries about Europe: 
    The State of the Markets technical analysis, Technical Talk: The Dip Buyers Are Alive and Well  
    It didn't help that:Roubini: This Is Worse Than 2008, Geithner Says No Coordinated Global Policy Coming, Wholesale Inventories Up +0.8% in JulyIMF's Lagarde: Downside Risks To Global Economy Have Increased ECB's Stark To Resign Over Conflict on Policy, and .Rumors of Greek Debt Default Roil Markets.  
    Value stocks may overtake growth- Hulbert   
    Howard Gold has written an article entitled 3 big myths about the U.S. debt crisis.  
    I thought this article was very interesting: Global warming no hoax to insurers. If you want to find out what the smart money thinks, check out insurance rates.
   Rex Nutting has an article discussing what it will take to generate jobs: Cutting taxes, or red tape won’t create jobs  
    Friday nights are generally quiet nights.