Daily Investment Interpretations

September 27, 2011

2011-9-27: (Tuesday Night): 
    The markets rose again today: Stocks gain for third time, Bulls Win Again; Markets Still Fixated On Europe.
    The NASDAQ Composite climbed
30.14 points (1.2%) to close at 2,548.83. The Dow gained
146.83 points (1.33%) to close at 11,190/69; the S&P 500 rose 12.43 points (1.07%) to settle at 1,175.38. Oil rose to $83.67; gold increased slightly to 1,652: Oil futures surge; Gold, silver futures rally |. The VIX slipped 1.31 points to 37.71
    The media are preaching caution tonight... a bullish sign.  Michael Ashbaugh warns: Don't get carried away by upturn. Then there's
    Euphoria over Europe may be premature
    U.S., Europe debt woes to persist, Reinhart says
   Tough Going for Gold, and It's Looking Tougher
   Twist won't do trick: Fisher
    Kellner can't cheer for Fed's Operation Twist
    New effort under way to phase out dollar, and
    Cities and counties going broke, none of which would make you want to mortgage the farm to buy into this surging stock market.
    The only good news was: Case-Shiller gauge up for fourth consecutive month and Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index Rises Modestly.
    State of the Markets has this to say:
    Technical Talk: It's Fun But Still A Range
    Italy Continues to Pay Up at Bond Auctions  
    Consumer Confidence Remained At Low Levels in September    
    Greek Parliment Passes New Property Tax  
    Market Mover: Differences on Greek Bailout Emerging in Europe, and finally,
    Soros: Europe In Worse Spot Than U.S. In 2008. Mr. Soros believes that the U. S. is already in the thick of a double-dip recession.  
    Market futures are down about % tonight.