Daily Investment Interpretations

September 1, 2011

2011-9-1: (Thursday Night): The bulls ran out of oomph today: Stocks trip ahead of jobs, Stocks Pull Back in Front of Jobs Report. The NASDAQ Composite fell 33.42 points (-1.3%) to close at 2,546.04. The Dow lost 5119.96 points (-1.03%) to close at 11,493.57; the S&P 500 rose 14.47 points (-1.19%) to settle at 1,204.42. Oil rose to $88.78; gold remained at 1,827: Gold settles modestly lower as dollar rises. The VIX gained 0.2`points to 31.82  
    After this morning's commentary, Has The Insanity Ended?, the State of the Markets articles tonight include:
    Weekly Jobless Claims Update
    Nonfarm Productivity Down, Unit Labor Costs Up  
    Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index Pulls Back
    ISM Manufacturing Report Stays Above 50 - Surprises Analysts  
    Construction Spending in U.S. Weaker Than Expected in July  
    Goldman Cuts Estimate for August Nonfarm Payrolls  
    White House Projects Budget Deficit of $1.3 Trillion  
    Fed's Announce Enforcement Actions Against Goldman Sachs 
    Goldman: The Worlds' Going To Heck In a Handbasket - Here's How To Play It  

    Market watch had just a few comments:
    Five things that drive economists crazy about the jobs report
    Counter-trend rally in September?  
    Basically, the idea is that it's still not safe to jump on the bulls' bandwagon.

    Stock market futures are down about % tonight.