Daily Investment Interpretations

September 16, 2011

2011-9-16: (Friday Night): The market indices made it five in a row today: Dow rises every day of the week, up 517 points. The NASDAQ Composite advanced 15.24 points (0.58%) to close at 2,622.31. The Dow added 75.91 points (0.66%) to close at 11,509.09; the S&P 500 rose 6.9 points (0.57%) to settle at 1,216.01. Oil fell to $87.90: Oil adds to losses Plan to recalculate oil benchmark irks traders; gold ascended to 1,815  The VIX dropped 0.99`points to 30.98..  
    State of the Markets Technical Talk: A Tale of Two Tapes.
    In other State of the Markets news:
    European Governments Considering TALF (Troubled Assets Loan Facility) Approach to Help Thwart Crisis,  
    Economists Say Odds of U.S. Recession Rising  
    University of Michigan Sentiment Above Expectations in September   
    Rumor Mill: Italy Downgrade Imminent  
    China is Interested in Biofuels - Why Not the West?  
    Moody's Keeps Italy Rating Under Review  
    Marketwatch has articles tonight on:
    Charting inflation, manufacturing and real estate, and from Howard Gold: 
    Lehman Brothers II crisis is coming soon.  I found this to be an interesting, thoughtful article. It mentions that credit default swaps on Greek sovereign debt "indicate a 92% chance of default". Mark Hulbert's article tonight is entitled::  
    What market timers learned from Lehman. This article observes that traders and market analysts absolutely missed the post-Lehman stock market debacle... and those few who did foretell what was to come were permabears.  
    And that's about it for this Friday night.