Daily Investment Interpretations

September 14, 2011

2011-9-14: (Wednesday Night): The market indices climbed today for the third day in a row::Grecian formula fuels rally, Stocks Romp on Improved Sentiment. The NASDAQ Composite advanced 40.4 points (1.6%) to close at 2,572.55. The Dow added 140.88 points (1.27%) to close at 11,246.73; the S&P 500 rose 15.81 points (1.35%) to settle at 1,188.68. Oil slipped to $88.61:Crude oil declines on European worries ; gold eased to 1,822: Gold trades lower but holds $1,800 level. The VIX dropped 2.31`points to 34.60..  
    Dtate of the Markets' Technical Talk: Reaching An Inflection Point. State of the markets has been treating current action as a range-bound basing process prior to resuming market expansions. However, this article observes that with everything depending upon the news as it does, we could instead be facing an additional pullback.
    Another State of the Markets article observes: Don't Look Now, But Some Big Names Are De-Risking Again
    Amid the news:   
    Moody's Downgrades Two French Banks 
    IMF's Lagarde Says Resources To Fight Crisis are Practically Infinite 
    EU's Barroso Says Euro Bonds Coming Soon  
    EU Industrial Production Below Expectations in July  
    Sarkozy: France Will Do Everything to Save Greece  
    Premier Says China May Expand Investment in Europe  
    PPI Unchanged In August  
    Retail Sales in U.S. Unchanged in August  
    Business Inventories for July a Tenth Light  
    NAAIM Survey Shows Active Managers Remain Cautious  
    Investor's Intelligence Shows Bullish Sentiment Still Falling  
    Market Mover: Austria Can't Approve EFSF Change  
    China Will Help Europe, But There's a Catch  
    Merkel, Sarkozy, and Papandreou Stand Together After Call  
    As mentioned above: U.S. economy in word: flat.
    On this tenth anniversary of the ENRON crisis, Mark Hulbert deals with the theme of stock analysts whitewashing every company's stock. He compares Wall Street analysts with newsletter editors. Wall Street analysts have a BUY or BUY/HOLD on 75% of the stocks on the S&P 500, with a SELL recommendation on 0.08% Od all stocks, and a weak HOLD on 4.2% of them. And this is shocking. His investment newsletter editors have no such problem, issuig as many SELLs as BUYs.
    One article mentions: The opportunity of a lifetime in Europe.
    Market futures are neutral tonight.