Daily Investment Interpretations

August 10, 2011

2011-8-10: (Wednesday Night):  The markets rebound: Market Wrap: Stocks Plunge on Euro Contagion Fears, Stocks dive again, bleeding losses in final hour. The NASDAQ Composite plummeted 101.47 points (-4.09% ) to end at  2,381.05. The Dow dove519.83 points (-4.62%) to close at 10,719.94; the S&P 500 stumbled 51.77 points (-4.42%) to settle at 1,120.76. Oil ended at $82.74; gold closed at $1,800: Gold soars past $1,800. The VIX climbed 7.93 points to 35.06.   
    Bank of England Downgrades Growth Expectations, S&P's next downgrade- France?, Beware the S&P 500 'death cross', Altucher affirms controversial Dow 20,000 call, Technical Talk- Trying To Get Our Bearings.   
    Irrespective of what the hedge funds do, the economy looks to me as though it's in a self-reinforcing downward spiral.
    Market futures are up more than 1% tonight.