Daily Investment Interpretations

July 7, 2011

2011-7-7: (Thursday Night): The market surged today: Stocks up near 2011 highs. The NASDAQ Composite was up 38.64 points (1.36%) to 2,872.66. The Dow uptilted 93.47 points (0.74%) to close at 12,719.49; the S&P 500 increased 14 points (1.05%) to settle at 1,343.22. Oil ticked up to $98.78; Gold leaped to $1,533. Interestingly, the VIX fell 0.39 to 15.95.
    What will replace dollar around globe? The author suggests either the renminbi or a commodity-based currency unit based upon the prices of gold, oil, iron, and rice could replace the dollar. But one way or another, the dollar probably isn't going to remain the world's reserve currency. 
    China bull defensive but not despairing Paul Goodwin's China and Emerging Markets newsletter has entered a soft patch. China is experiencing more than routine economic difficulties.
    How to predict the marketís next moves  Gives basics for using moving averages to assess the market's performance. Has a link to Laszlo Birinyi's market plans.
    Stocks stubbornly cling to gains The market keeps climbing, but so far, volume has been "lethargic". 
    How now Dow Theory? It's make or break time for the Dow. The Dow must close above 12,810.54 within the next few days to confirm a bull market. 
    Jobs expected to show bounce  Economists are expecting nonfarm payrolls to have expanded by 125,000 jobs. If the jobs number falls below that bogey, the stock market will probably fall with it.
     A 3-D investor horror show  "Debts, deficits, and demographics could blow investors away, Robert Powell says.
     Stock market futures are neutral tonight.