Daily Investment Interpretations

July 28, 2011

2011-7-28: (Thursday Night):  More of the same: Dow sinks for fifth session, Market Wrap- Same Song, Different Day. The NASDAQ Composite 1.46 points (0.05% ) to end the day at  2,766.25. The Dow subtracted 62.44 points (-0.51%) to close at 12,240.11; the S&P 500 gave way 4.22 points (-0.32%) to settle at 1,300.67. Oil closed down slightly at $97.19; gold climbed to 1,617. The VIX climbed 0.76 to 23.74.  
The key issue remains the deadlock in Washington: No Seriously, August 2nd is the Deadline..
    TopStock Portfolios had this opening analysis by David Moenning: As Expected?, followed by Technical Talk: Time to Do Less And Wait, An Update On the 4-D Debate in D.C
., Underground Trader: We Are All Thinking The Same Thing, Pending Home Sales Up Nicely In June, Debate Update- Stopgap Measure Being Considered, Credit Suisse Handicaps the Scenarios, House Postpones Vote on Boehner Plan, El Erian: Debt Debacle Intensifies Economic Headwinds, and House Calls Off Vote on Boehner Plan; Futures Drop.           
    Meanwhile, there'sWhiff of GDP stagflation, 5 tips for surviving a murderous market, Weak Treasury auction sparks debt worries, 5 tips for surviving a murderous market, and Weak Treasury auction sparks debt worries
    Market futures are down another 0.8% tonight.