Daily Investment Interpretations

July 15, 2011

2011-7-15: (Friday Night): Nobody did anything threatening today so the markets rose: Sour week ends on up note, Between Hope and Fear, Technical Talk: Bears' Game to Lose. The NASDAQ Composite annexed 27.13 points (0.98%) to 2,789.80. The Dow rose 42.61 points (0.34%) to close at 12,479.73; the S&P 500 gained 7.27 points (0.56%) to settle at 1,316.14. Oil closed up a little at $97.49 gold set another record, Gold's record-setting week, closing at 1,595. The VIX sidled up another 0.89 to close at 20.801.  
    The news was mainly downbeat: Eight European Banks Fail EU-Wide Stress Tests, University of Michigan Confidence Report A Shocker (And Not in a Good Way), Empire Manufacturing Disappoints Again in July, Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Light in June, and Italy's Lower House Approves Austerity Package
    In an interesting article, Jim Rogers- The Game Is Simple Right Now - Buy Commodities.
    "Jim Rogers says the investing game is simple these days. Rogers said this week, I do believe I could count on one hand the number of times Ive been presented with an investment opportunity that guarantees success no matter what direction the economy takes. Rogers adds, If the world economy gets better, I earn my money on commodities. If the global economy gets worse, then they will print more money and I will make money in commodities. Although we have featured comments by Rogers many times on the site, Jim Rogers, who ran money with Mr. George Soros way back ... Read More "
    Howard Gold suggests Lightening up on stocks for good. "Howard Gold is convinced stocks are more risky than conventional wisdom makes them out to be and says it's time to permanently reduce allocations."
    Mark Hulbert points to the "Beginning of the end of the entire (real estate) crisis-"