Daily Investment Interpretations

July 12, 2011

2011-7-12: (Tuesday Night): The market fell yet another day:.Stocks tank after Ireland downgrade to junk, Market Wrap: A Poor Finish. The NASDAQ Composite slipped 20.71 points (-0.74%) to 2,781.91. The Dow dipped 58.88 points (-0.47%) to close at 12,446.88; the S&P 500 dropped 5.85 points (-0.44%) to settle at 1,313.64. Oil rose to $96.88: Gold rises to record on debt-crisis fears closing at 1,567. The VIX upticked another 1.48 to close at 19.87.  
    Michael Ashbaugh says, S&P faces big technical test.      
    Investment doomsday lurks- Robert Powell  Mr. Powell is discussing what will happen if the U. S. defaults n its debts by failing to raise the debt ceiling.
    Mark Hulbert describes Maybe the best market-timing system ever.    
    Marketwatch's Forecaster of the Month, Stu Hoffman, says Economy will stabilize later this year.  
    Fate of Italian bond market crucial to Euro's future  
    On a positive note: EU Finance Ministers Vow To Backstop Struggling Banks and Fed Debates Exit Strategy AND More QE.  
    This morning's assessment from TopStock Portfolios  is here, entitled Fed Debates Exit Strategy AND More QE.
    Market futures are up tonight.