Daily Investment Interpretations

July 11, 2011

2011-7-11: (Monday Night): The market tumbled again today: Europe fears sink Street, Market Wrap: Stocks Tumble on Eurozone Fears, Is Italy the Next Big Problem for Markets? and EU Said To Be Considering "Partial Default" on Greek Debt. The NASDAQ Composite careened 57.19 points (-2.0%) to 2,802.62. The Dow plummeted 151.44 points (-1.2%) to close at 12,505.76; the S&P 500 slid 24.31 points (-1.81%) to settle at 1,319.43. Oil fell to $94.98: Oil drops to lowest in five sessions; Gold rose to $1,553: Gold gains modestly on European debt fears. Interestingly, the VIX upticked 2.44 to close at 18.39.
In the meantime, talks between Democrats and Republicans concerning the impending U. S. debt ceiling have broken down: Market 'not worried yet' over debt limit, Aug. 2 deadline will be missed
     Cody Willard has written: Intel is headed to the moon.
    Peter Brimelow says that Key letters sticking with stocks.  
    You Have To Ask Yourself.  
    Buffett: We'll Come Back Big Time  
    Stock market futures are down sharply tonight.
    TopStock Portfolios considers this stock market soft patch to be a good buying opportunity.