Daily Investment Interpretations

June 2, 2011

2011-6-2 (Thursday Night): The markets closed flat today: Technical Talk: Bulls Clinging to Line In Sand, Market Wrap: Waiting On The Jobs Report. The NASDAQ Composite gained 4.12 points (0.15%) to 2,773.31. The Dow dipped 41.59 points (-0.34%) to close at 12,248.55, while the S&P 500 posted a loss of 1.61 points (-0.12%) to end at 1,312.94. Oil closed up a tad at $100.64.; Gold fell back to $1,534. The VIX leaped 0.21 to 18.09.   
    Every indication points toward a flagging economy. '...And Then They Matter A Lot'. Of course, not everyone thinks that the sun is setting in the west: Dow 20,000, here we come. The author lists 10 cogent reasons why the markets are primed to rise.
    Market futures are slightly lower tonight.