Daily Investment Interpretations

June 20, 2011

2011-6-20 (Monday Night): The markets all rose today: Market Wrap: Three In a Row. The NASDAQ Composite gained 13.18 points (0.5%) to 2,629.65. The Dow lofted 76.02 points (0.63%) to close at 12,080.38; the S&P 500 added 6.86 points (0.54%) to end at 1,278.36. Oil inched up to $93.32 (FTC probes oil, gasoline); Gold rose to $1,541. The VIX fell 1.86 to 19.99.
   Jeffrey Hirsch of Stock Trader's Almanac says that the U. S. stock market is in its historically worst six-month period, and you shouldn't be taking chances: It's time for these 5 moves.
   Mark Hulbert quotes Dennis Slothower, who predicts that the S&P will stall below its 50-day moving avaerage, currently at 1,322, and that it will then turn down in a big way. Is that the death cross on the horizon?
   No plan B if Greece fails to pass austerity measures "To be sure, the entire crisis at the moment is over whether to have Greece default now or later, and formally or informally."  
   Bernanke's challenge will be to soothe markets: "It's not what the Fed does at the end of its meeting Wednesday but how the chairman says it."
   TopStock Portfolios' David Moenning writes: Now It Gets Interesting. "So, without any real news to drive the action, I'm of the mind that the market may show its true colors between now and Wednesday afternoon. For me, the question at hand is if the nearly two-month old correction and a -7% decline is enough to discount the negatives and the uncertainty. If so, then I'd expect to see the indices waffle sideways for a while awaiting a positive catalyst from either Mr. Bernanke or some news out of Europe. However, if the big funds have moved into a de-risking mode, we might see the indices work lower and take out the March lows."
    The major drop in the Volatility Index (VIX) suggests to me that the markets performed well today, supporting a short-term "run for the roses".
    Stock futures are up a bit tonight.