Daily Investment Interpretations

May 31, 2011

2011-5-31 (Tuesday Night): The markets rose again today, rupturing resistance levels. The NASDAQ Composite gained 38.44 points (1/37%%) to close at 2,835.30. The Dow jumped 128.21 points (1.03%) to close at 12,569.79, while the S&P 500 posted a gain of 14.1 points (1.06%) to close at 1,345.20. Oil closed essentially unchanged at $100.75; Gold climbed to $1,538. The VIX slipped 0.53 to 15.45.   
    David Weidner's column is entitled: Why no jail time for Wall Street CEOs.  
    Irwin Kellner observes that: ‘Soft patch’ catches economists off-guard.  
    Mark Hulbert provides an Update on inflation-deflation battle.  
    Peter Brimelow asks: Gold signaling hyperinflation-
    TopStock Portfolios has a defensive posturte regarding what's currently going on, with the expectation of further downside and a possible change in trend from bull to bear: The Newest "Trade" In Town?, Market Wrap: Risk Back On as Default Fears Recede.
    Stock futures are up tonight.