Daily Investment Interpretations

May 23, 2011

2011-5-23 (Monday Night): Whew! The stock market dove today on S&P downgrades of .Italian and Spanish debt, and a falling Euro: Italy, Spain trigger fears, Stocks skid on renewed worries about Europe, and U.S. stock indexes hit by global concerns. The NASDAQ Composite plummeted 44.42 points (1.58%) to close at 2,758.90. The Dow plunged 130.78 points (-1.05%) to close at 12,381.26, while the S&P 500 lost another 15.9 points (-1.19%) to close at 1,317.37. Oil retreated to $97.12; Gold jumped to $1,501. The VIX rose 0.84 to 18.27.
The markets were down today on a rising dollar brought on by global worries. TopStock Portfolios warns of a possible downshift in the stock markets, although they're best guess is that it will pop once more before retreating: Are The Winds Shifting?
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