Daily Investment Interpretations

May 11, 2011

2011-5-11 (Wednesday Night): The dollar rose and the markets fell today. The NASDAQ Composite lost 26.83 points (-0.93%) to close at 2,845.06. The Dow retreated 130.33 points (-1.02%) to close at 12,630.33, while the S&P 500 dipped 15.08 points (-1.11%) to close at: 1,342.08. Oil dropped to $99.52; Gold declined to $1,5104 The VIX rose 1.04 to 16.95. 
    David Moenning sums up nicely the gap between the frothiness of the news and the underlying realities: Making It Difficult. He observes that news mavens come up with all sorts of excuses why the market has gone up or down when, in reality, it depends only upon the dollar.