Daily Investment Interpretations

April 4, 2011

2011-4-4 (Monday Night): The markets ended the day about where they started. The NASDAQ Composite declined a negligible 0.41 points (-0.01%) to 2,789.19: Nasdaq ends win streak. The Dow increased 23.31 points (0.19%) to close at 12,400.03, while the S&P 500 gained a paltry 0.46 points (0.03%) to close at: 1,332.87. Oil bid the day adieu at $108241 a barrel, while Gold vamoosed at $1,438. The VIX rose 0.1 points to 17.50..
    The indices are facing major resistance as they approach their pre-correction highs. There's still the possibility that they could retreat from their current levels and slide to new lows. But it's  time for a pause, if not a brief pullback, or a sideways consolidation..
    Fed chairman Bernanke stated today that the current bout of incipient inflation will prove "transitory".
    Stock market futures are down a bit tonight.