Daily Investment Interpretations

April 25, 2011

2011-4-25 (Monday Night): The markets took a breather today as the oversold dollar rose slightly on foreign currency exchanges: Street takes step back, U.S. dollar trims its losses. The NASDAQ Composite closed up 5.72 points (0.2%) at 2,825.88. The Dow fell 26.11 points (-0.21%) to close at 12,479.88, while the S&P 500 shed 2.13 points (-0.16%) to close at: 1,335.25. Oil dropped minutely to $112.33 , while Gold hit yet another new high at $1,511: Gold jumps for eighth day, Brimelow: Russell endorses gold-bug theory. The VIX fell 1.08 to  15.77.  
    Brett Arends writes Age of America near end in response to a prediction by the International Monetary Fund that China's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will surpass that of the U. S. in five years (2016). Of course, China's per capita GDP will still be only about žth that of the United States... it will be the middle of the century before China's per capita GDP overtakes that of the U. S....  but China's influence on the world economy will eclipse that of the U. S. in only five more years. He mentions that other Asian countries would rather see a U. S. hegemony than a Chinese hegemony.
    Rex Nutting writes about the time it's going to take to get the U. S. economy fully functioning again: Patience and the recovery.
    Stock market futures are down slightly tonight.