Daily Investment Interpretations

April 15, 2011

2011-4-15 (Friday Night): At the end of a very choppy day, the markets closed up less than half a percent. The NASDAQ Composite closed up 4.43 points (0.16%) at 2,764.65. The Dow rose 56.68 points (0.46%) to close at 12,341.83, while the S&P 500 progressed 5.16 points (0.39%) to close at: 1,319.68. Oil rose to $109.39, while Gold jumped to $1,487: Gold hits record; silver at 31-year high. The VIX fell 0.95 to  15.32.  
    Among the interesting articles today were Mark Hulbert on How to forecast a stock-market top, Using volume to play the market: Dormeier, Bull market faces big test: Howard Gold, and Watch out for small caps: Arends. Of possible interest might be Rare find in rare-earth elements: Kerr.
    With respect to the question: "What does the stock market do next?", I don't want to speculate. The markets have risen for the past two days, but whether that's the beginning of their recoveries or just bounces on their way down is more than I can say.