Daily Investment Interpretations

March 17, 2011

2011-3-17 (Thursday Night): Today, the markets came part way back: Dow's best day in weeksThe NASDAQ Composite rose 19.23 points (0.73%) to 2,636.05. The Dow gained 161.29 points (1.39%) to 11,774.59, while the S&P 500 added 16.84 points (1.34%) to close at: 1,273.72. Oil jumped up to $101.70 a barrel, while Gold climbed to $1,404. The VIX rose 3.03 points to close at 26.37
    While today saw a nice little pop, it was far from a turnaround. In the meantime, the UN Security Council has approved air strikes and, sub rosa, perhaps other forms of interventions to stop Qaddafi from crushing his Libyan rebels: U.N. takes on Libya: "Military strikes expected within hours, reports say. Security Council votes 10 to 0 supporting 'all necessary measures,' including no-fly zone to protect civilians and rebel forces from Gadhafi."
    Oil has immediately jumped to $103 a barrel.
    So far, Japan's attempts to cool their reactor have been only partially successfu.
    Right now, market futures are up
    Brett Arends writes: Ten stocks to look at in the panic, while Jonathon Burton suggests that we: Buy what's used to rebuild.