Daily Investment Interpretations

March 15, 2011

2011-3-15 (Tuesday Night): Same story as yesterday: the markets crashed at the beginning of the day but then partially recovered. The NASDAQ Composite closed down another 33.64 points (-1.25%) to 2,667.33. The Dow dipped 137.74 points (-1.15%) to 11,855.42, while the S&P 500 dropped 14.52 points (-1.12%) to close at: 1,281.97. Oil ended the day a little higher, at $97.95 a barrel, while Gold fell to $1,400. The VIX rose 3.19 points to close at 24.32: CBOE's VIX 'fear index' sees record volume.
    The news that has partially driven this market meltdown is the continuing threat of real reactor meltdowns, and their financial implications.    
    Michael Ashbaugh warns that U.S. indexes’ plunge points to new trend. The intermediate-term trend is now down.
    Topstock Portfolios is also looking for an extended correction period: Joined At The Hip? At the same time, because this is news-driven, it may end sooner than expected: Short-term hit seen to Japan economy. Mark Hulbert notes that: The retreat of the bulls may be good sign.
    Market futures are up a bit tonight, although a lot can change between now and morning.