Daily Investment Interpretations

February 2, 2011

2011-2-2 (Wednesday) The market indices ended flat today. The NASDAQ Composite drifted down 1.63 points (-0.06%) to 2,749.56. The Dow inched up 1.91 points (0.02%) to end at 12,041.97, while the S&P 500 dropped 3.56 points (-0.27%) to close at: 1,304.03. Oil closed up a little at $91.46 a barrel , while Gold ended at $1,335. The VIX dropped 0.33  to 17.30.
    Stock futures are down a bit tonight, after Monday's and Tuesday's run-ups.
    There isn't a whole lot of news tonight. Jim Lowell writes: Buy emerging markets where you can.