Daily Investment Interpretations

February 18, 2011

2011-2-18 (Friday): The markets did their daily dance. They soared, swooped, and then rose at the close: Stocks gain for third week. The NASDAQ Composite rose 2.37 points (0.76%76%08%) to 2,833.95. The Dow advanced 73.11 points (0.99%) to 12,391.25, while the S&P 500 rose 2.58 points (0.19%) to close at: 1,343.01. Oil closed up at $86.47 a barrel , while Gold ended at $1,384. The VIX dropped 0.13 points to 16.59.
  This market just keeps going and going and going, like the Eveready bunny: Disbelief. But although a temporary  turndown could happen at any time, right now, it's like a moving train, and it doesn't pay to get in front of it, or bet against it: "Buy everything" sentiment continues on Wall Street.
    There's very little other news or discussion available to me tonight. Wall Street is getting its first three-day vacation in months that can be used for something other than Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years obligations.
    I've added a little to last night's discussion of TopStock Portfolios' Daily Decision Stock Trade service at the bottom of yesterday's article (below). I'll try to find time to discuss ways to "surf" this ongoing recovery other than TopStock Portfolios' Stock Trade Service..