Daily Investment Interpretations

February 14, 2011

2011-2-14 (Monday): The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 indices sauntered a little higher today, while the Dow dropped 5 points.  The NASDAQ Composite advanced 7.74 points (0.28%) to 2,817.18. The Dow slipped 5.07 points (-0.04%) to 12,268.19, while the S&P 500 crept up 3.17 points (0.24%) to close at: 1,332.32. Oil closed at $85.12 a barrel , while Gold ended at $1,365. The VIX declined to 15.95.
    It's my bedtime, and Amber just went to sleep. I'll have to try to continue this update in the morning.
    Stock market futures are flat tonight.