Daily Investment Interpretations

February 10, 2011

2011-2-10 (Thursday): The markets dipped deeply today and then ended mixed again, except that this time, it was the Dow that was down (10 points) and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 that were up slightly: Markets look past Mubarak. The NASDAQ Composite rose 1.38 points (0.05%) to 2,790.45. The Dow slipped 10.60 points (-0.09%) to 12,229.29, while the S&P 500 crept up 0.99 points (0.07%) to close at: 1,321.87. Oil closed at $87.55 a barrel , while Gold ended at $1,365. The VIX rose 0.22  to 16.09.
    Stock market futures are down tonight, as has been the case the past couple of nights.  
    Peter Brimelow warns: End coming to era of low interest rates?.  
    Eleven signs the bull market is here to stay 
    I'm looking forward t writing more about investment options, but it's time to read bedtime stories (the Berenstain Bears) to Amber.