Daily Investment Interpretations

December 6, 2011

2011-12-6: (Tuesday Night): The markets ended the day mixed, with the Dow up 52 points and the NASDAQ down 6 points: A Dow kind of day, and . The NASDAQ Composite slipped 6.2 points (-0.23%) to close at 2,649.56. The Dow advanced 52.3 points (0.43%) to 12,150.13; the S&P 500 rose 1.39 points (0.11%) to settle at 1,258.47. Oil adjusted to 100.93: gold inched down to 1,723. The VIX crept upward 0.29 points to 28.13.
    "U.S. blue chips turn in Tuesday's best performance, with the S&P 500 flat and the Nasdaq in the red. Late-day support came from a report that a European debt-crisis bailout fund could be doubled." The indices fell into the close, perhaps because of nervousness over what will or won't happen at Thursday's critical EU summit meeting.
   We're all in the euro zone    
    Mark Hulbert tells us How to get even with Wall Street
    Brett Arends shows us Arends: How to make ‘zillions’ on Wall Street... if you dare.
    And David Weidner's advice: Dump your bank
    The Trading desk tells us how to Have dividends and capital gains.
    Michael Ashbaugh says Market recovery meets technical resistance. 
    Irwin Kellner asks How low can oil prices really go? 
    And Paul Farrell warns: Super Rich vs. 99%: Class war will explode. What's interesting in this article is the author's listing of the euphemisms to be employed by the nation's 29 Republican governors in discussing the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. "Government spending" is to be replaced by "government waste". For example, the term "capitalism" is to be replaced by less contentious descriptors such as "free enterprise" or "economic freedom". To advise the Republican governors concerning this word-smithing, the Republican Party invited as a speaker at last weeks' of a pollster whom Paul Farrell describes as one of the most capable behavioral economists in the United States: Frank Luntz.
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    EU Officials Considering Doubling Bailout Funds  
    When You Assume   
    S&P Places Europe's EFSF Bailout Fund on CreditWatch Negative  
    Banking On A Strong December? Better Check Your History First     
    Italy's Monti Warns of Greek-Style Collapse  
    Bank of England Introduces Contingency Liquidity Facility  
    Germany Industrial Orders Up Unexpectedly in October
    S&P Warns 15 Eurozone Nations of Possible Downgrade           
    Market futures are up ˝ % tonight.