Daily Investment Interpretations

December 5, 2011

2011-12-5: (Monday Night): The markets resumed moving up today: Markets still rate a rally, and Stocks Gain On Optimism Surrounding Merkozy Agreement. The NASDAQ Composite gained another 28.83 points (1.1%) to close at 2,655.76. The Dow advanced 78.41 points (0.65%) to 12,097.83; the S&P 500 rose 12.8 points (1.03%) to settle at 1,257.08. Oil adjusted to 100.60: gold fell to 1,725. The VIX crept upward 0.32 points to 27.84.
    The markets were off to the races today until S&P threatened to downgrade the credit ratings of all the European countries including France and Germany: S&P To Place All Eurozone Countries on Creditwatch Negative.
    Two small notes of domestic discord were the announcements that Factory orders fall 0.4% in October, Trade data to point to continued difficulties, and Services growth slumps.    
    Concerning news surrounding the Fed: Fed's Evans says 'liquidity trap' demands action and Bernanke: Let's be perfectly clear
    How's the water?  This article recommends water-related ETFs to capitalize on the anticipated "water wars".
    Europe’s critical summit this week
    Marsh on Monday- Bet on Europe's new leaders
    Italy's government approves austerity plan 
    Here are two opposing investment advisory articles: Risk doesn't pay and Fall melt-up is back in play
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Bulls Say It's Over But Charts Say  
    Team Merkozy Agrees To Present New EU Treaty
    Can We Go It Alone?  
    U.S. Factory Orders Fall -0.4% in October     
    ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Pulls Back in November  
    A Big Week In Europe Begins; Here's The Latest on Plans To Resolve the Crisis   
    Eurozone Services PMI Show Contraction Continues
    Italy's Monti To Present New Austerity and Tax Measures           
    Market futures are slightly negative tonight.