Daily Investment Interpretations

December 14, 2011

2011-12-14: (Wednesday Night): The markets sank further today, as Euro falls below $1.30 on debt worries: Stocks can't shake eurozone worries, Risk Switch in Off Position; Gold, Stocks Lower Again .  The NASDAQ Composite dwindled 39.96 points (-1.55%) to close at 2,539.31. The Dow retreated 131.46 points (-1.1%) to 11,823.48; the S&P 500 fell another 13.91 points (-1.13%) to settle at 1,211.82. Oil rose to 99.84: Gold and oil spiraling south: gold inched up to 1,715: Gold quits 200-day moving average for first time in three years. The VIX moved up 0.69 points to 26.10: Vix moves below its 200-day.
    Yields Hit New Euro-Era High At Italian Bond Auction, which helps explain the present market funk.
    Matthew Lynn writes: This slump won't end until 2031. Mr. Lynn is writing a book explaining that the present financial crisis mirrors the 23-year slump that began with the Depression of 1873 rather than the 1929 debacle. 
    Mark Hulbert: Gold bugs throwing in the towel
    Time to short the stock market?  
    Brett Arends tells us that Money managers fear euro breakup.    
    Crisis costs Germany  
    Dr. Irwin Kellner writes: Is a clear-speaking Fed a good thing?  
    Darell Delamaide observes that Itís the Fed, Stupid, that the 2012 residential election will revolve around whether or not the Fed can keep the economy growing.   
    Rex Nutting revisits the rich/poor dichotomy, and the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
    After lull, rich get back to getting richer  

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: Bears Now Have Possession  
    Is There A Reason? (Does There Need To Be?)   
    And Now a Word From Our Nattering Nabob of Negativism
The Early Look: Sentiment Stays Negative  
    Rumors of Imminent French Downgrade Hits Euro, Stocks     
    Import Prices Rose +0.7% in November; Export Prices Little Changed  
    Investor's Intelligence Data Shows Sentiment Declining  
    Europe Update: France Says S&P Has Not Warned of Downgrade  
    Market futures are neutral again tonight.