Daily Investment Interpretations

December 13, 2011

2011-12-13: (Tuesday Night): The markets turned up this morning, but were bombed by German Chancellor Angel Merkel: Merkel Rejects Raising Bailout Cap. Then it rose again and was bombed again by the Fed: Fed strikes a sell chord. The NASDAQ Composite Descended 32.99 points (-1.26%) to close at 2,579.27. The Dow retreated 66.45 points (-0.55%) to 11,954.94; the S&P 500 hit the silk to fall 10.74 points (-0.87%) to settle at 1,225.73. Oil rose to 99.84: Oil futures drop: gold inched up to 1,715: Gold's next stop $1,600?. The VIX crept downward 0.26 points to 25.41. (I have no idea why the VIX has fallen during the past two days, at a time when the markets are also falling significantly.
    Moody's: EU sovereign ratings still under pressure
    Fitch: Euro-zone debt crisis will linger into 2012
    Thomas Kee says Politics keeping the market down.n  
    Emperor's market has no clothes    
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: All Computers, All The Time  
    Let Me Get This Straight   
    Iran Closes the Straits of Hormuz
Fed Stays Course With Policy; Says Economy Expanding Moderately  
    Business Inventories Increased by +0.8% in October     
    Eurozone Fiscal Compact Still In Question on Many Fronts  
    Retail Sales Results for U.S. Disappointing in November  
    Market futures are neutral tonight.