Daily Investment Interpretations

November 29, 2011

2011-11-29: (Tuesday Night): The markets ended the day mixed: A shallow follow-through, Major Indices Mixed; Disappointing Finish. The NASDAQ Composite fell back 11.83 points (-0.47) to close at 2,515.51. The Dow rose 32.62 points (0.28%%) to 11,555.63; the S&P 500 added 2.64 points (0.22%) to settle at 1,195.19. Oil jumped to 99.50: Oil tops $100 a barrel; gold catapulted to 1,718. The VIX fell 1.49 points to 30.64.
    There's some agreement that yesterday's action was a "dead-cat bounce": The Technical Indicator: Dead-cat bounce, . Does that mean that it isn't? 
    Brett Arends's 10 reasons the crisis isnít over
    EU agrees to EFSF leverage expansion rules  
    John Nyardi recommends An ETF for Armageddon if you think the Eurozone isn't going to make it.
    David Weidner presents A golden opportunity for Europe and you, suggesting a way for Europe to recover.  
    Mark Hulbert observes that Corporate insiders are smiling.  
    And Irwin Kellner observes that For euro zone, itís time to say goodbye
    In the news:
    Fed's Yellen sees room for more easing  
    Consumer confidence leaps  
    U.S. home prices drop 0.6% in September  
    Pimco's Gross: Europe on slow train  
    ECB fails to offset bond buys amid bank stress  
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    S&P Downgrades Credit Rating of Five Major U.S. Banks  
    Karl Case (of Case-Shiller) On The Latest Housing Numbers     
    FHFA House Price Index Gains Ground in September  
    Case-Shiller Home Price Index - Prices Down in September   
    Reuters Poll: China To Begin Cutting Rates Soon This suggests that China might soon become a good investment choice. 
    Consumer Confidence Spikes Higher in the U.S            
    Vice-Chair Yellen Says Fed Still Has Room To Ease  
    Market futures are down tonight (not that that is very predictive anymore concerning tomorrow morning's opening numbers)..