Daily Investment Interpretations

October 5, 2011

2011-10-5: (Wednesday Night): The markets rose today on better-than-expected ISM report, continued rumors of progress in Europe: U.S. stocks jump on U.S. data, Europe efforts, Stocks Follow Through To The Upside. The NASDAQ Composite jumped 68.99 points (2.95%) to close at 2,404.82. The Dow advanced 131.24 points (1.21%) to close at 10,939.95; the S&P 500 closed up 20.08 points (1.79%) to settle at 1,144.03. Oil rose to 79.30: Oil rallies 5.3% on inventory decline; gold declined to 1,643: Gold futures on firmer footing. The VIX fell 3.01 points to 37.81
    State of the Markets Technical Talk: The Dreaded Breakout Fakeout. State of the Markets' indicators are some distance from turning positive. And Mark Hulbert's recommendation that one not invest in the markets when the VIX is above 20 also points to remaining on the sidelines.
    State of the Markets articles include:
    Eurozone Services Sector PMI's Show Contraction
    Eurozone Retail Sales Fall in August  
    Challenger Planned Job Cuts Surge to Highest Level Since April 2009  
    Rates Continue to Rise at Portugal's T-Bill Auction  
    IMF Says Europe's Banks Need Significant Capital Raises  
    Slovakia's Opposition Party Won't Support EFSF  
    ADP Private Sector Payrolls Up 91K in September  
    ISM Says Economic Growth Continued in September, But  
    NAAIM Survey Shows Active Managers Were Outright Bearish Two Weeks Ago  
    Japan May Buy More EFSF Bonds To Support Europe 
    EU Wants Bank Stress Tests To Include Greek Debt Writedowns 
    Stocks Follow Through To The Upside  
    One Man's Opinion on Outrageous Comments  
    IMF Says Fed Needs To Be Prepared for Credit Crunch in Europe  
    Steve Jobs Has Died 

    MarketWatch's articles include:
    Palin Opts Against 2012 Presidential Run 
    2012 growth depends on jobs plan: Probyn   
    Sights set on growth  

    Stock market futures are mixed tonight... basically neutral.