Daily Investment Interpretations

October 26, 2011

2011-10-26: (Wednesday Night): The markets fell back and then charged ahead today: Europe sets off new rally, Market Deems New EU Plan "Enough"The NASDAQ Composite added 12.25 points (0.46%) to close at 2,650.67. The Dow advanced 162.42 points (1.39%) to 11,869.04; the S&P 500 grabbed 12.95 points (1.05%) to settle at 1,242. Oil rose to 90.81; gold soared to 1,721. The VIX dropped 2.36 points to 29.86.
    A moment of truth will come at 7:30 p. m. Eastern Time when European finance ministers release a statement to the press
. however, details have been leaking out today, and they point toward a one-trillion Euro bailout fund. 
    Another interesting news article is Growth may take a turn up
    Another interesting Market watch article is No longer in long-term bull market. (This is a technical article.)
    Todd Harrison revisits his 2009 forecast for societal unrest and class conflict Euro stress and New Yorkís police state; "Iíve written about the potential ramifications of the shifting social mood for the better part of 10 years. Iím empathetic to the self-proclaimed 99% and truly believe that not everyone on Wall Street is evil ó and some are even trying to be part of the solution." He notes that we're now in the second side of financial storm that has overtaken us.
    Mark Hulbert explains Why gold is rallying.
    Rex Nutting writes about 2 non-negotiable demands of the 99%.
    Some other good Marketwatch articles tonight include:   
    Donít expect Draghi to save the euro    
    More risks ahead, so protect portfolios now  Robert Powell warns that 
    Darell Delamaide notes that Occupy Wall Street is bipartisan.  

    State of the Markets Technical Talk: So Far, So Good, But...
    EU Draft Statement: EFSF Could Be Leveraged Several Fold  
    Berlusconi Reaches Deal on Pension Reform  
    Summit Details Still Elusive But Banks Nearing Deal On Greek Debt  
    Orders for Durable Goods Report a Mixed Bag  
    New Homes Sales Rise 17K in September  
    Germany's Lower House Approves Motion To Boost EFSF  
    Investor's Intelligence Shows Bullish Sentiment Increasing  
    NAAIM Sentiment Survey Shows Managers Jumped Back In  
    Some Deep Thoughts While We're Waiting  
    Market futures are up about 1 % tonight.