Daily Investment Interpretations

October 10, 2011

2011-10-10: (Monday Night): After a lackluster performance on Friday, stocks got their groove on today, rising more than 3%: U.S. stocks rally 3% on Europe bank pledge, Market Wrap: Another Explosive Finish But....
The NASDAQ Composite jumped 86.7 points (3.5%) to close at 2,566.05. The Dow advanced 330.06 points (2.97%) to close at 11,433.18; the S&P 500 closed up 39.43 points (3.41%) to settle at 1,194.89. Oil inched up to 85.25; gold rose to 1,683. The VIX fell 3.18 points to 33.02
    State of the Markets articles include:
    The Momentum Game: Stocks We Love 'Till We Hate   
    Moody's Downgrades Top UK Banks  
    German Industrial Production Declines in August  
    The Latest on European Bank Recapitalization Plans  
    Nonfarm Payroll Surprise: U.S. Added 103K Jobs in September  
    French Not Opposed To German Stance on Bank Recapitalization  
    Wholesale Inventories Rise in August  
    Fitch Downgrades Italy, Spain  
    US Bank Exposure to Euro Crisis Could Tally $650 Billion  
    Team "Merkozy" Say New Grand Plan is Coming   
    EU Summit Postponed Until October 26  

    Rex Nutting's contribution is: .Coming recession would be bad enough  
    Peter Brimelow brings: Has decade’s top performer hit the wall?.  
    On the other hand, Financials and the ‘fall melt-up’ suggests that financial stocks could lead the way in a year-end rally, and Brett Arends adds fuel to the Wall Street fire with How Wall St. scammed Mom and Pop — again.  
    Stock market futures are down  % tonight.