Daily Investment Interpretations

January 13, 2011

2011-1-13 (Thursday Night): Stocks fell a little today: Why The Dive: Revisions to Philly Fed Report.    The NASDAQ Composite retreated 2.04 points (-0.07%) to 2,735.29. The Dow lost 23.54 points (-0.2%) to  11,731.90, while the S&P 500 rose 2.2 points (-0.17%) to close at: 1,283.76. Oil softened to $90.95 a barrel, and Gold slid to $1,376. The VIX inched up 0.15 to 16.39. 
    Peter Brimelow points out that the three best-performing investment newsletters for 2010 were run by octogenarians: Triumph of the geezers in 2010.
    The TopStock Portfolios website has published: Technical Talk: Weebles Wobble But... .
    S&P, Moody’s caution on U.S. debt  
    Nutting: Economy's limping along on bum leg  
    Gasoline’s prepping for a return to $4 a gallon 
    Maybe I should mention that we've been snowed in all week, which means that Amber has been here 24/7, which means that Daddy has been conscripted for entertainment, which means that this website has had to take a back seat for the week.
    Stock market futures are neutral tonight.